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Cristal Dawn

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Job update (first LJ iPhone post) [Oct. 11th, 2012|11:40 pm]
Cristal Dawn

I've been in my new position at the Geo Centre for two days now, and I gotta say, I'm enjoying it.

One of the things I was worried about with this new job was that, perhaps, I would feel over qualified. I don't know if that's exactly what I'm trying to say - but I have to be honest, I was worried about the possibility of having accepted a position that was a little below where I thought I should be. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I started chatting with the other interpretation/education staff - most of them have masters degrees and/or have extensive backgrounds in earth science. They work there because they WANT to work there, it's not just a job for them. (And they've all been friendly and welcoming, which is definitely a good feeling!)

Since this is a newly created position, I haven't been getting a lot of direction in what it really entails. For the past two days I've just been trying to become more familiar with the current programs and exhibits, as well as what has been in the works thus far for future programs. I also spent an hour or two brainstorming with the guy i'll be working closely with on the school programs, and we've got some ideas of where we want to start with the space program. The manager who said he would be doing an orientation kinda thing with me has been off sick, so I've basically been setting my own schedule. At one point I spontaneously decided to take in a 30 minute 3d movie that was playing in one of the geo theaters (a documentary about caves - super cool). I also love going out of my way to walk past the mineral specimens - I'll never get sick of looking at that huge amethyst geode :)

This is the first post I've done via iPhone app, and I'm finding it a little odd, but I'm sure ill get used to it. Hopefully I'll be able to keep in touch with my friends list this way!

What have you all been up to lately?

Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.

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The LJ user formerly known as Pinkjubie [Apr. 18th, 2012|09:46 am]
Cristal Dawn
I finally did it, I changed my username on LJ.

I've had my LJ account since 2002 - back when you needed a code to join. I originally thought up the name Pinkjubie for a neopets character and liked it enough to forego any further creative musings and started using it as my username in other places too, although I don't think it ever really suited me.

Besides, my favourite colour is purple, not pink. In fact pink is pretty low on the list. (Yes, I have a list of favourite colours in order of preference, would you like to know how it goes?...)
Aqua (and other like colours such as turquoise)
Black (technically not colours, but still...)
(there it is, I can stop now).

While I was at it I also added a new userhead. $2, why not? It's the first time I ever spent any money on Livejournal.

I like the changes :)
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No love for you, Apple. [Feb. 27th, 2012|10:11 am]
Cristal Dawn
Pain in the ass ipods man. My 2 year old nano (8 gig with video capture) died this week, and i've no money to buy a new one, so I had to seek out second-hand alternatives. Fortunately I found a used older generation nano, 4 gigs and no video, for 30 bux. It'll do for now, seeing as how I need music to work out with, but i'll have to save up for a new one or perhaps ask mom for a new one for my birthday in September.

I am now, however, well versed on how to transfer music from ipod to computer. It's crazy how Apple has made it so hard to just simply transfer, I mean really - hidden files? Is that really necessary? Since my old nano died, I didn't even think I would even be able to get all of my music over to my computer - it wouldn't stay on long enough to keep the connection at first, but after a frustrating amount of time spent, I finally got it to work. Then, of course, I had trouble syncing up with my new ipod, so I had to drag some songs over individually. I'm not really sure what went on there, i'm just glad to be done with it, and to actually have my music backed up.

While i'm at it, can I also complain about my blackberry? The thing keeps freezing up when I try to send emails, and I can only see recently taken photos if I re-boot it. I've wanted to replace it with an iphone for awhile now, but seeing as how i'm not really enjoying apple right now either, i'm not sure what i'll get when my contract is up next year.

What kinds of mp3 players and cell phones do you guys have?
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<3 [Dec. 28th, 2011|01:05 pm]
Cristal Dawn
It's nice to have Shanna back. Even though she was only in Montreal for a week, I missed her snuggles.
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Exam Oops [Apr. 11th, 2011|01:37 pm]
Cristal Dawn
I wrote my linguistics exam this morning. The exam was pretty easy, perhaps another 90%.

As I was finishing up and just starting to look over my answers, there was a noise coming from the front of the class where we had all put our bags and things. At first the prof just ignored it, but then after maybe 10 or 20 seconds he said "someone's phone is taking". It sounded like music. After another 10 or 20 seconds, when the supposed phone didn't stop, he went over by the bags to see which one it was as he said "can someone come up and turn it off?"

I was thinking to myself, it can't be my phone. I ALWAYS make sure my phone is on silent before I go into class, and most certainly before an exam. I'm anal about stuff like that. I check and re-check, and when I lay my bags down I check again. Just like when i'm leaving my apartment or my car I have to have my keys in my hands while i'm locking it. I've never been locked out before. (Losing my keys in my room while i'm home, now that's a different story... lol).

However, as the prof listens closely, he lifts up MY bag and says that the music is coming from there. With the bag being lifted up I hear that it's La Roux, and think WTF - that's my ipod?? I made sure it was off and locked before putting it in my bag, and besides, the earphones were plugged in and therefore the music shouldn't be coming directly through the ipod speaker.

A little embarassed, I walk to the front of the class (rather, auditorium), apologise to the prof and dig through my bag, find my ipod, turn it off, lock it again, and make sure the earphones are clicked in (which they were). As I walk back to my prof I apologise again and say I have no idea how that could have happened.

It's still a mystery.

Before my next exam I am going to lower the volume to zero before turning it off, locking it, and ensuring the headphones are plugged in. Way to make me more anal than I already am, ipod!
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Ear pokage [Aug. 30th, 2010|09:54 am]
Cristal Dawn
I know this isn't a big deal for anyone but myself, but i'm excited - I managed to get 16g horseshoes through my earlobes! My ears are normally so contrary when it comes to anything going through them that it's difficult to even put regular earings in them.

So far so good, going to get some salts today.

I also found a shorter 14g post with a silver ball for my labret :)

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Writer's Block: Mystery meat [May. 29th, 2010|07:52 am]
Cristal Dawn

What is the most disgusting food you have ever eaten? What made it so gross?

Marmite on toast - totally gross!

(That's what I get from living with a Brit.)
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Writer's Block: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang [May. 10th, 2010|04:20 pm]
Cristal Dawn

Do you give your vehicles names? If so, what are they?

Yup! I named my blue 2001 Cavalier "Buddha". He's super rad, and has quite the personality, for a chevy.

Check him out!
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Need out! [Apr. 21st, 2010|10:11 am]
Cristal Dawn
I love it here in St. John's, but for the past few days i've been getting an intense urge to pack up and move it outta here again. I want to just GO, anywhere. I'd love to move back to Quebec again, or even try to get a position teaching overseas. I need a change of scenery. I need to experience different things. My friend just moved to Korea, teaching in a Canadian school, and she's loving it. And the English coordinator for the school board I worked for in Quebec told me I could have a full time position with them anytime, especially now that i've done my BEd (of course i'd rather work in Montreal or Quebec City than the sticks). There's recruitment fairs on campus for other areas looking for teachers as well. There are just so many opportunities!

I'm gonna go do some research.
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Only 4 days left to my internship! [Mar. 29th, 2010|07:27 am]
Cristal Dawn
I don't want to go to work (internship) today, I just wanna sit around for awhile and get some packing done and finish my painting and perhaps make a nice lunch. I think this is the first morning that i've woken up, not feeling sick or anything, and just prefered to stay home. Pretty good for 3 months I guess. And it's only because I have SO MUCH stuff to do around here. Moving in 5 days!

But it's okay, today will be fun, we've gotta finished our Papier-mâché art project :) Lotsa messes!
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